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Explore everything Clash Royale League in 2021’s CRL esports video guide! Still have questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ section or download the official CRL ruleset below!

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Tournament Structure

Round 1 to 8

Trophy Race

Battle freely & climb the global in-game leaderboard. Make it to the top 1000 players and earn your spot in the Monthly Qualifier.

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Top 1000 Registration

Players receive an in-game message for instructions on how to register for the Monthly Qualifiers. The Monthly Qualifiers will be played on Battlefy.

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Join us on Discord

Players who proceed to Monthly Qualifiers are asked to join the Clash Royale League Discord server for tournament instructions and communication.

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Monthly Qualifier

The Monthly Qualifier consists of a 2-day tournament on Battlefy. The top 32 players from Day 1 advance to Day 2 and compete for 8 spots in the Monthly Finals.

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Monthly Finals

The Top 8 players compete in a 2-day tournament, and the winner will be crowned the round champion! The Monthly Finals are broadcasted live.

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Last Chance Qualifier

After 8 rounds of play, the 32 players who placed 25-56th on the CRL Competitive Leaderboard battle it out for the remaining 8 spots in the World Finals.

A heated CRL World Finals Battleground in action!

World Finals

The best 32 players from around the globe battle for the title of 2021 Clash Royale League Champion.

Tournament Prizing


Regular Season


World Finals

View full prize breakdown in the ruleset.

Frequently Asked

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What is Clash Royale League?
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How do players compete?
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What is the Duel format?
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What is the Last Chance Qualifier?
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