Clash Royale League West: Introducing the Western Teams!

You’ve been patient, you’ve waited, you’ve tweeted at us… and now it’s finally time to know which teams are in the 2019 Clash Royale League West!

Before continuing, we’d like to thank ALL of 2018’s Clash Royale League participating teams. You’ve helped deliver some of the best Clash Royale competition the world has seen.

As previously mentioned here, we’re going to continue improving the CRL experience for all of its fans by continuing to provide the highest level of competitive Clash Royale gameplay. To support this, we’ve chosen 12 seasoned teams to compete this year.

Without further ado - here are your 2019 CRL West participating teams!

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The next few weeks will be a busy time for CRL West teams - scouting potential new CRL pro players, finalizing rosters, and moving players to Los Angeles are just a few things to keep an eye out for!

Keep track of their progress on Twitter: @TribeGaming, @compLexity, @TeamQuesoGG, @Cream_EsportsGG, @dignitas, @MisfitsGG, @paiNGamingBR, @NRGgg, @TeamLiquid, @ImmortalsCR, @FnaticCR, @SKGaming

CRL West’s kickoff is just around the corner, so make sure you don’t miss a match - subscribe to and follow @EsportsRoyaleEN for more CRL!

See you in the CRL Arena,
The Clash Royale Team

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