Complexity Adrian Piedra’s Graveyard Poison Deck

This week we take a look at a Graveyard Poison variant deck.

Skeletons, Mega Minion, Poison, Furnace

Dart Goblin, Barbarian Barrel, Graveyard, Rascals


Low average elixir

Multiple synergies


Susceptible to Valkyrie and Wizard

Single win condition

While Graveyard will serve as your main win condition, there are various ways to support the unit in order to deal maximum damage. The most common combination will be Graveyard and Poison, especially if your opponent counters with any type of air or ground swarm.

Barbarian Barrel and Rascals can also be combined with Graveyard. Not only can Barbarian Barrel roll over an enemy ground swarm, but it will also provide a momentary distraction once the Barbarian is released. Barbarian Barrel can distract the princess tower and other splash damage units. While Rascals make for a great defensive tool, they can also be played at the bridge. As a tank, the Rascals will soak up damage and provide ranged defense.

Skeletons, Mega Minion, and Dart Goblin are three low-elixir defensive cards that will help slow the pace of the game while you build elixir. Graveyard Poison is an expensive win condition, so spending elixir wisely is extremely necessary. Use Skeletons, Mega Minion, or Dart Goblin to force a positive elixir trade. At merely 1 elixir, Skeletons are perfect to lure enemy units away from your princess towers. Mega Minion and Dart Goblin also make for solid offensive support units.

Furnace is a consistent defensive splasher and can also provide chip damage. This building unit will help lure tanks away from your towers. Since Skeletons, Mega Minion, and Dart Goblin have relatively low HP, having your enemy units locked onto Furnace will help keep them alive as they defend.

Deck In Action:

To see Graveyard Poison in action, watch Adrian Piedras take on Tribe Gaming’s King Joao!

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