Complexity vs. 100 Thieves

Looking to return to their #1 spot in the ranks, Complexity took on 100 Thieves in the final week before the playoffs.


For 2v2, 100T sent Eddie and Pt105 to battle coL’s El Jefe and Chache. In game one, coL led during regulation with dual Royal Hogs, but 100T were able to keep up and send them into overtime. coL unleashed eight Royal Hogs coupled with Lightning, and were able to make quick work on the final princess tower to win the game. For game two, coL decided to return with Royal Hogs while 100T went with dual 3 Musketeers which led them to victory. In game three, coL played Royal Hogs once again as 100T stuck with their Musketeers. It was a tight game but coL pulled ahead with Miner and Lightning to win the set.


coL sent their star player, Adrian Peidra, to take on 100T’s Frost for 1v1. While both players let a minute pass without deploying a single unit, Frost finally played a Barbarian Hut which had Adrian quick to unleash his Golem. Without a true win condition, Frost wasn’t able to make waves and lost the game. Game two had Adrian equip a Miner Balloon deck while Frost decided to try his unique deck again to catch Adrian off-guard. Unfortunately, Frost was not able to control the arena and lost with seconds left on the clock to a final Miner from Adrian. It was game, set, and match for coL, placing them in first.

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