What is the Clash Royale League?
Clash Royale League (CRL) is Clash Royale’s official team-based esports league. We kicked off CRL in 2018 and concluded by having the 6 best teams from around the world compete at the World Finals in Tokyo, Japan.

We’ve learned a ton of lessons and received good feedback throughout 2018... so thanks to everyone who chimed in, we’ll be aiming to implement a lot of it throughout 2019! We’ll be focusing on streamlining viewer experience throughout the world, on top of other improvements to the tournament’s format and content produced.

How old do I have to be in order to compete in the CRL?
16 years or over by March 1st, 2019.

The road to CRL – what are my chances of joining a CRL team if I get 20 wins?
Achieving 20 wins grants you access to the next round – online qualifiers. Clash Royale Challenge winners will receive more information on CRL online qualifiers via their inbox (found in the upper left corner on the home screen, inside player profile). CRL teams will be keeping a close eye on these qualifiers – so stay sharp and don’t tilt!

CRL Online Qualifiers were easy, now what?
You must be the best of the best! That still doesn’t guarantee a spot on a CRL team. Teams are at full liberty to sign (or not sign) challenge winners. The top players from these qualifiers will have their player information sent directly to CRL teams. From there, teams will determine who’d they like to continue exploring and potentially signing.

Remember, teams aren’t just looking for a skillful Clash Royale player – they analyze and seek a well-rounded person. That means they look at maturity level, personality, passion, drive & initiative, how you treat others, online presence, sportsmanship, amongst other qualities.

CRL Teams that are interested in getting to know you will reach out directly.

What’s it like being on a CRL team?
Supercell looks for and strives to work with some of the best esports teams the world has to offer. On top of organizational structure and business operations, we deeply consider player and staff treatment, long-term vision for competitive Clash Royale, commitment to and support for the CRL, amongst other factors.

We expect teams to:

  • Treat you right (for example, by: acting respectfully, being considerate, always maintaining a level of professionalism, providing feedback when appropriate)
  • Compensate for your time and skills (aka, you should be paid within a competitive spectrum)
  • Take care of you (by providing a safe team housing environment, acting as support and guidance, helping you grow as an athlete and person)

Will there be pre-selected teams; how do you choose them?
Yes, as mentioned above, we’re scouting and will select CRL teams based on merit (esports history, expertise, player treatment, plus other traits) and most importantly, their contribution to the long term success of the CRL.

We’ve given existing CRL 2018 teams priority over non-CRL teams due to their previous commitment and dedication to growing the Clash Royale esports scene.

Which pro teams are involved?
TBD - we’re working on this!

Where is CRL played and filmed? Do I have to physically move?
CRL West will be played and produced out of Los Angeles, California, USA.

CRL Asia will be played and produced in Seoul, South Korea.

CRL China will be played and produced in Shanghai, China.

You MUST be able to relocate before and through the whole season. Keep in mind all CRL regions will consist of 2 seasons (spring and fall).

Are you broadcasting CRL in portrait or horizontal mode?
It’ll be broadcasted in horizontal mode. #horizontalCRL

Is there a prize pool?
Yup, at least $1,000,000 - full amount TBD.

WCG questions:

What is WCG?
World Cyber Games (WCG) is a top tier esports competition happening in Xi’an, China throughout July 18-21, 2019.

More information on WCG x Clash Royale can be found here and here.

I got 20 wins, how can I participate in WCG?
Achieving 20 wins moves you to the next round: WCG online qualifiers. Clash Royale Challenge winners will receive more information on WCG online qualifiers via their inbox (found in the upper left corner on the home screen, inside player profile).

See you in the CRL Arena,
The Clash Royale Team