CRL 2019 Status Update

CRL Status Update II: here

First and foremost, thanks for being patient! We’ve been working hard to develop CRL for 2019 and beyond, and as previously mentioned here, have been finalizing many details these past few weeks.

2018 was an amazing year for competitive Clash Royale - we had more than 25 million players compete in the Clash Royale League Challenge, many of the world’s best esports teams competing in the CRL, and we crowned the first CRL Champion () at the World Finals.

On top of this, we’ve learned a ton along the way and are thankful for all the feedback, suggestions and support you’ve all given - CRL wouldn’t be what it is today without you - the pros, the fans, the viewers and of course, all of the Clash Royale players, thank you all!

So what are we doing?

We’re taking everything we’ve learned, feedback we’ve received and improvements we want to make and are pouring it into 2019.

Here’s a glimpse into CRL West 2019:

  • CRL West: we’ve consolidated NA, EU & LATAM into one region. The aim here is to create a consistent format across CRL China, CRL Asia and CRL West.
  • CRL West will have around the same number of teams as CRL China and CRL Asia.
  • It’ll follow the same competitive schedule throughout the year.
  • That means CRL West will have TWO seasons: Spring and Fall Seasons.
  • Studio Location: Los Angeles

We’re currently talking to multiple teams from CRL 2018 and are finalizing details. Rest assured we’ll continue working with some of the best esports organizations and will select teams based on merit (esports history, expertise, player treatment, CRL commitment and more).

Most importantly, we want to work with organizations that want to truly support and contribute to the long term success of the CRL.

Hopefully this sheds some light on where we stand with CRL West! We’ll make sure to provide more information as we can.

See you in the CRL Arena,
The Clash Royale Esports Team

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