Tribe Gaming vs. Team SoloMid

Week 8 began with Team SoloMid fighting Tribe Gaming to stay alive and inch their way into the top four.


For 2v2, Tribe Gaming sent Jmonte and B-Rad to take on Team SoloMid’s VULKan and airsurfer. In game one, TSM ran a heavy Golem push early on to gain the lead during regulation, while TRB went with dual Royal Hogs. TRB wasn’t able to connect with their win condition leading TSM to win the game.

For game two, TSM continued with double Golem and double Prince pushes while TRB went with a Royal Giant and Giant Skeleton. Once again, TRB struggled to control TSM’s massive pushes and couldn’t help but stay on the defensive throughout the game. After a few damaging Golem runs, TSM won the game and took the set.


TRB enlisted the undefeated TOMMY for 1v1 while TSM sent in xopxsam, who is undefeated in King of the Hill. Game one had TOMMY playing a 3 Musketeer Hog Rider deck while xopxsam went with LavaLoon. TOMMY managed to stay ahead throughout regulation, chipping away with his Hog Rider while xopxsam struggled to make waves. With only a few seconds left on the clock, xopxsam turned the game around and finally unleashed his Balloon to win the game.

For game two, TOMMY played a Golem Prince deck while xopxsam rewrote the meta with his own patented 3 Musketeer Barbarian Hut deck. By using Mirror, xopxsam was able to increase his Barbarians and 3 Musketeers to level 10 which helped him stay in the lead. A final Poison and Log from xopxsam won him the game and set for TSM to keep them alive in this competition!

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