TSM xopxsam’s Golem Night Witch Deck

This week we examine a variant of a Golem Night Witch deck.

Tombstone, Golem, Night Witch, Mega Minion

Log, Baby Dragon, Fireball, Prince


Will have opponent playing defensively


High elixir

Susceptible to Inferno Towers and Inferno Dragon

While this heavy deck revolves around Golem, Night Witch will act as your number one support unit when building an unstoppable push. Played behind the tank, Night Witch will continually spawn Bats while the enemy is locked onto Golem. In high numbers, Bats will chip away at your opponent’s princess tower and other counters. Although she has low HP, Night Witch itself will also deal damage to troops locked onto Golem.

Along with Night Witch, Baby Dragon will help protect your Golem from hordes and help chip away at other counters. If deployed at the right time, Golem, Night Witch, and Baby Dragon can make for a destructive push.

The deck's multiple spells, Log and Fireball, will help clear the path for your Golem and Witch. Saving them for support instead of using them defensively will keep your Golem intact during its approach. While Golem can be susceptible to 3 Musketeers or Mini P.E.K.K.A, Fireball is a great counter for those units.

Defensively, Mega Minion and Prince will help protect your side of the arena. Prince with its heavy hits can protect against enemy tank pushes while Mega Minion will help clean up lower HP ground and air units. If you have enough elixir, both Prince and Mega Minion can be used in conjunction with Golem as protection. Also, Prince can be deployed on its own to deal massive damage with its charge effect.

Last but definitely not least, Tombstone will come in handy to slow the pace of the game while you build elixir. This deck is not cheap and building enough elixir for a Golem push isn’t easy if you’re spending it on the defensive. Play Tombstone wisely to create a positive elixir trade for your own offensive pushes.

Deck In Action:

To see this deck in action, watch TSM's xopxsam take on NRG's Prashant PP!

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