Week 8 Forecast

Cloud9 vs Immortals

The top two teams of the league will step into the arena on Tuesday, October 9th. In the most anticipated match of the week, Immortals will take on Cloud9 who after a win against 100 Thieves on Saturday, have clawed their way to #1.

Tribe Gaming vs Team SoloMid

Not trailing far behind and tied for 3rd place, Tribe Gaming will take on Team SoloMid who continue to hover in the middle of the ranks. Tribe Gaming has stepped it up in the second half of the season, winning their last four matches.

100 Thieves vs Team SoloMid

Thursday, October 11th will have Team SoloMid returning to the arena to battle 100 Thieves. Back-to-back wins here for Team SoloMid would have them on the cusp of a top three spot.

Complexity vs NRG

At once an unstoppable force, Complexity have lost their last four of five matches and will be looking for a win against NRG to return to glory. That said, on Saturday, Complexity defeated the top-ranked Immortals to prove they are still a contender for the #1 seed.

CLG vs Cloud9

A struggling CLG will battle Cloud9 on Saturday, October 13th. Cloud9 will be out for another win here to continue their reign, although it was CLG that took the crown the last time these teams met.

Complexity vs Tribe Gaming

Tribe Gaming and Complexity will enter the area to close out the penultimate week of the season. Two wins this week for either team could land them in 2nd place as we head into the final week of the Clash Royal League!

Catch all of this week’s action live, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6PM CEST!

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