CRL West Update - March 2020

Hi everyone,

Thanks again to all our Clash Royale League fans for showing their love and support throughout 2019… and of course, a huge thanks to everyone who tuned in to witness the epic finale that was the CRL World Finals. 🤩 ❤️

So, what's new?

Heading into 2020, we’ve announced the creation of CRL East (a new league made up of teams from all over Asia, replacing 2019’s CRL China & CRL Asia). We’ve been supporting No Tilt’s global tournament, No Tilt Worlds, as well as different community initiatives, such as Super League’s Pro vs Pro, and Mobile Matt’s Mobilize for Australia.

As you all know, recent developments with the Coronavirus have caused major health concerns and risks throughout the globe. Due to this, we’ve had to rethink and shift our CRL West strategy & plans. Our players/teams/staff’s health is top of mind, so we’re taking specific measures to ensure this remains top priority.

Secondly, our 2019 esports partner, OGN America, will no longer be producing CRL West content; they’ve recently informed us of their decision to withdraw from producing CRL West, as they’re refocusing their business strategy. This shift came very last minute, which further fuels the need to postpone the initial start date of CRL West. We appreciate everything OGN America has done for CRL and thank them for their full support and effort in providing an incredible 2019 season + World Finals.

What now?

We’re going to continue working on providing the best competitive Clash Royale content around. We’ll continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation as it develops in the next months and will strive to find the right partner to support CRL West.

As of now, this is where we stand:

  • We’ve made the tough decision to postpone CRL West’s 1st Season (new name TBD) in lieu of both issues we’re facing (Coronavirus risks/effects + shifting esports partners)
  • We estimate the new kickoff date for CRL West will be ~mid May 2020
    • This ‘1st Season’ will be an online format, ranging between 5-7 weeks
    • More info on the 2nd Season (tentatively targeted to start early August) and World Finals will be shared once more details are available

As much as it hurts to postpone CRL West’s 1st Season, we believe it’s the best path we can take given the circumstances. We understand this may be disappointing to many fans and players who’ve been anticipating the league’s launch - trust us, this decision didn’t come lightly - but we hope you understand the gravity of our situation and the need to recalibrate.

As always, we value your enthusiasm and commitment to Clash Royale League and highly appreciate your patience at this time.

Thank you,
The Clash Royale Esports Team

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