Fantasy Royale - CRL West 2020!

What is Fantasy Royale?

Create your own team of four CRL West players

Watch and track their performance during CRL West broadcasts

Score Crowns for every Crown your fantasy players earn

Trade fantasy players throughout the season

Win rewards

It’s that time again… Clash Royale League’s very own fantasy sport, Fantasy Royale, is back for another season starting on May 16 (for CRL West), inside the in-game Esports tab!

Scoring & Rewards

The goal is simple: collect the most amount of Crowns possible during the season.

How do I collect Crowns?

Select 4 CRL West players to make up your fantasy team.

● You’ll get a Crown whenever a player from your fantasy team scores a Crown during CRL West broadcasts.

● You’ll be able to trade players from your fantasy team each week.

● Make sure to watch & track who’s performing well, as you’ll want the best CRL West players on your fantasy team!

Remember, you’ll only score a Crown if the CRL West player is part of your fantasy team when they earn the Crown!

What’s the prize pool?

All Fantasy Royale players with the top 1st, 2nd and 3rd place scores will get the following rewards:

● 1st Place: 1,000 Gems

● 2nd Place: 500 Gems

● 3rd Place: 250 Gems

CRL West Calendar:

● CRL West Fantasy Royale starts May 16, ends July 20

● CRL West league broadcasts start May 30 at 10am PT (you must create a Fantasy Royale deck before this date in order to play!)

Where to watch?

Subscribe and watch CRL West every Saturday and Sunday at 10am PT starting May 30 here! (English, Spanish and Portuguese only)

Good luck, have fun!

The Clash Royale Team

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