Introducing the CRL World Finals 9-Win Challenge!

With the countdown clock marking 17 days until the 2020 CRL World Finals begin, we're heating things up with the upcoming CRL World Finals 9-Win Challenge. Play like a pro! Play with decks designed by the CRL World Finalists to win epic rewards! Get ready for the finalists' fierce battles, as you use their recommended decks to win the Challenge. Come and check out if you can master any one of the following 8 decks!

Duration: Nov. 22nd - 26th

The eight 2020 CRL World Finals participants, Nova Esports, PONOS, W.EDGM, FAV gaming, SK Gaming, Team Queso, Tribe Gaming and paiN Gaming have brought you 8 decks. In the Challenge, you and your opponent will be battling with one of the decks. 9 wins and you complete the Challenge and take all the rewards. 3 losses and you're out, but you can continue to play with Gems.

A sneak peek of the Challenge decks

Deck by NOVA ESPORTS: Elite Barbarian Bridge Spam

Elite Barbarians may not be exactly how you remember them after their November buff. NOVA, the CRL East Fall Champions, introduces to you this Elite Barbarian Bridge Spam, with which you can audaciously throw the Elite Barbarians, Cannon Cart, Bandit, and Royal Ghost into battle!

Deck by PONOS: WB Miner Cycle Deck

PONOS, the CRL East Fall Runners-up, brings you the even faster version of Mugi's signature WB Miner Cycle Deck, with an average of 2 Elixir! Don't forget to warm up a bit and do some finger exercise before you get down to the real duel with this incredibly fast cycle deck.

Deck by W.EDGM: Splashyard

Splashyard is brought to you by W.EDGM, the CRL East Fall 3rd place. It's the undying classic with extraordinarily comprehensive abilities in offense and defense. Use this deck and crush them all!

Deck by FAV GAMING: Hog Cycle

With JACK, the world's No. 1 Hog Master in their lineup, FAV has brought JACK's signature 2.6 Hog Cycle to the table. This deck was once all the rage on the Ladder. Make the most of it and feel the power!

Deck by SK GAMING: Battle Ram Bridge Spam

As the CRL West Fall finalist, SK Gaming's recommendation here has a similar formation as NOVA's, except that they've replaced Elite Barbarians and Hunter with Battle Ram and Electro Wizard. Feel the same excitement with a different bridge spam!

Deck by TEAM QUESO: Barb Hut Graveyard

Team Queso, the CRL West Fall finalist, recommends Barb Hut Graveyard, an updated Splashyard deck. With Barbarian Hut and Mega Minion, this deck is very powerful on both defense and offense. With its high Elixir cost, you need to play your game with steady piloting.

Deck by TRIBE GAMING: RG Lightning

Tribe Gaming has proposed a time-honored RG Lightning deck, which requires meticulous planning, defenses, and counterattacks. Most cards here have decent HP and damage. Plus, with their explicit individual responsibilities, you'll cripple that Tower when your RG connects with the help of Lightning.

Deck by PAIN GAMING: MK Graveyard

paiN Gaming has brought you MK Graveyard, another Graveyard deck! paiN Gaming's recommendation has cards of decent HP and damage that'll build an impenetrable offense, but with an average cost of over 4 Elixir, you have to be really patient till you have the right moment to launch a deadly counterattack with your Mega Knight.

That wraps up all 8 decks, which one is your pick? The CRL World Finals 9-Win Challenge will be available for 4 days, starting this Sunday. Good luck, challengers! Which decks will the 8 finalists be using when the 2020 CRL World Finals kick off on Dec. 5th and 6th? Will they bring out something special for the big stage? Stay tuned!

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