Ruling - Pain Gaming vs Misfits Gaming

Due to the 4th consecutive infraction committed by Pain Gaming in their Clash Royale League West Fall 2020 match against Misfits Gaming on September 20, 2020 in game 2 of set 3, we will be enforcing the rules as written in rulebook section 7.10 (Unauthorized Accepting of Battle Requests) and issuing a victory loss to Pain Gaming. What this means is that Pain Gaming will receive a reduction of one match victory from their season record.

Does this mean that they will also receive a loss instead of the win?

No. This does not award a loss to their season record. And this does not award a win to the team they were playing against during the infractions.

In short, a victory loss only impacts the record of the team with the infractions.

If a team has one victory loss and finishes the season with a record of 6-3. That team will have a final season record of 5-3. All head to head and tiebreakers will be unaffected by the victory loss.

We look forward to more amazing matches in the coming weeks, and we kindly remind teams to refer to the rulebook to avoid future incidents such as these.

See you in the Arena,

The Clash Royale Team