What is No Tilt?

You surely have already seen this name by now; No Tilt Worlds, No Tilt League, No Tilt World Championship… But what exactly is No Tilt?

No Tilt is an esports organisation based in Mexico City. They run competitive tournaments and leagues with a focus on mobile gaming titles such as Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, where professional and semi-professional players compete for glory and cash prizes.

For Clash Royale, they have three main competitions:

No Tilt World Championship

The ongoing 1v1 Championship open to every players! Qualify through the in game 20-Win challenge and compete against players from all around the world to get your share of the $50,000 prize pool!

All stages will be broadcasted on the No Tilt Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe don't miss out!

No Tilt League

The tournament brings together 10 of the best semi-pro Clash Royale teams for an intense tournament where individual skills are most important.

Cream Real Betis Academy is the current Champion after beating Space Station Gaming Academy 3 - 0!

You missed it? Watch all the replays on No Tilt Youtube channel ! And you can watch the Grand Final here!

No Tilt Worlds

The worldwide country-based tournament. 32 nations clashed for weeks to conquer the title and be crowned as No Tilt World Champions.

China won the tournament, followed by South Korea in the second place and the United States Of America at the third.

You missed it? Watch all the replays on No Tilt Youtube channel.

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