How to Compete?

Ready to start your competitive journey? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this section we’ll help you get all the basic information on how you can play Clash Royale competitively, it doesn't matter if you have zero experience or if you’re already one of the legends. Check out the details below!


CRL might feel a bit out of your reach if you are just starting off your Clash Royale competitive journey, so an easy way to get to know a bunch of fun people in our community and try out competitive play is by participating in our Grassroots Tournaments. They are usually an easy start, and the pressure isn’t quite as big as on the big stage. Some tournaments are local, some global and they might all differ in format, but the good thing is that there is always some nice stuff to win and some great people to meet!


There are tons of tournaments organized by our community during the year that you can participate in or follow along and watch other players put on a good show, or learn a thing or two! There is not a ‘one and only’ format or style to these, every tournament is different - which is great news! Maybe you like to play 2v2, or in a team, or maybe you’re the traditional 1v1 Duels format type of player - you’ll find something you like to play for sure! The stakes tend to be a bit bigger here, you might meet more experienced players in your match-up’s but also the prize money is bigger!

We’re always looking for more people to collaborate with and are eager to help our community grow! So, if you want to explore running a tournament, start by checking out our Community Tournament Guidelines and reach out to us by email at!


Since 2018, the Clash Royale League has been Supercell's official Esports program where the best of the best come to compete to be crowned World Champion, let us tell you how to get there!

If you want to participate in CRL in 2024, the first step is to work your way to the top 1000 of the in-game Path of Legends leaderboard. For five months, starting in April, those top 1000 players from the previous in-game season will have the chance to compete in the next and first step of CRL, the Monthly Qualifiers. The Monthly Qualifier is an in-game tournament played in the tournament hub, where 1000 players play each other until only 8 players remain. These 8 players then move on to the following and last stage of the monthly tournament, the Monthly Finals. The Monthly Final is a tournament played until a winner is crowned.

So how do you make it to the World Finals then? There are four ways: Golden Tickets, Competitive Points, China Tournament, and the community tournaments leaderboard. Each Monthly Final winner will be awarded a Golden Ticket to World Finals. Meaning that after five monthly competitions, five winners will have secured a spot to compete for the World Champion title. The second option is to secure enough Competitive Points. Players secure Competitive Points based on their performance during the whole five months of CRL. The player that will have earned the most Competitive Points by the end of the year will be awarded another spot in the World Finals.

Check out our ‘News article’ where we break down the rules, the schedule and other need-to-know information on how to participate!

All of this hard work then gives players the opportunity to fight for the title or World Champion at the World Finals!


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