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All Stars Golden Edition!

Jun 15, 2022

Clash Royale League World Finals 2022 is coming, and you still have a chance to earn your spot, so it's time to announce a Golden Ticket tournament for the NA&LATAM regions!

This is your chance to join the Golden Ticket holders: Samuel Bassotto, Mohamed Light and Mugi in the 2022 CRL World Finals and win a share of the $50,000 prize money!

On June 18th, the All Stars Golden Edition will begin with some of your favorite Clash Royale content creators streaming and sharing the tournament codes of several qualifying tournaments you will need to participate. The All Stars Golden Edition will be divided into 5 phases:

  • Phase 1 - Ingame Tournament (Jun 18th to 25th): 32 in-game tournaments of 1000 players. The Top 16 from each tournament will advance to Phase 2, with 512 players qualifying.
  • Phase 2 - Closed Qualifier (Jun 28th to 29th): The 512 players will play a double-elimination bracket in BO3 in a no bans format. The best 64 players qualify for Phase 3.
  • Phase 3 - Swiss Bracket (Jul 2nd to 3rd): The top 64 will play up to 2 Swiss brackets of 32 players in a BO3 format. The Top 16 of each bracket will qualify for the Round Robin Stage.
  • Phase 4 - Round Robin (Jul 5th to 12th): The 32 qualified players will be split into 8 groups of 4. The format will be a BO3 Duels mode. The Top 2 of each group will advance to the Grand Finals.
  • Phase 5 - Finals (Jul 15th to 17th): The Final Stage will feature the Top 16 players playing in a single elimination bracket. The format will be a BO5 Duels mode.

The $50,000 prize money will be distributed with the top 16 players. The winner will earn a Golden Ticket, granting direct entry into the 2022 CRL World Finals! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I participate?

You will only need to watch any live stream from the invited creators to receive the tournament code.

  • Saturday, 18th [19:00 UTC] Decow do Canal [Portuguese]
  • Saturday, 18th [00:00 UTC] Rhaegar [Spanish]
  • Sunday, 19th [15:00 UTC] Revolaimar [Spanish]
  • Sunday, 19th [17:00 UTC] Joga Na Tela [Portuguese]
  • Sunday, 19th [19:00 UTC] Bielvinis [Portuguese]
  • Sunday, 19th [00:00 UTC] Nando Clash [Portuguese]
  • Monday, 20th [15:00 UTC] Rockstar [Spanish]
  • Monday, 20th [17:00 UTC] DrekzeNN [Spanish]
  • Monday, 20th [19:00 UTC] Pompeyo [Spanish]
  • Monday, 20th [00:00 UTC] Artube [Portuguese]
  • Tuesday, 21th [15:00 UTC] Kodigo [Spanish]
  • Tuesday, 21th [17:00 UTC] Shelbi [Spanish]
  • Tuesday, 21th [19:00 UTC] xDeltamk [English]
  • Tuesday, 21th [00:00 UTC] Sergio Ramos [Spanish]
  • Wednesday, 22th [15:00 UTC] Revolaimar [Spanish]
  • Wednesday, 22th [17:00 UTC] Joga Na Tela [Portuguese]
  • Wednesday, 22th [19:00 UTC] Madraider [Spanish]
  • Wednesday, 22th [00:00 UTC] Kashman [English]
  • Thursday, 23th [15:00 UTC] Allan Franzotti [Portuguese]
  • Thursday, 23th [17:00 UTC] Adrian Piedra [Spanish]
  • Thursday, 23th [19:00 UTC] Sweep [English]
  • Thursday, 23th [00:00 UTC] LucasXGamer [Portuguese]
  • Friday, 24th [15:00 UTC] Kashman [Spanish]
  • Friday, 24th [17:00 UTC] Yosoyrick [Spanish]
  • Friday, 24th [19:00 UTC] Zach [English]
  • Friday, 24th [00:00 UTC] DrekzeNN [Spanish]
  • Saturday, 25th [15:00 UTC] PedroTM [Portuguese]
  • Saturday, 25th [17:00 UTC] Decow do Canal [Portuguese]
  • Saturday, 25th [19:00 UTC] Kennedy Clash [Portuguese]
  • Saturday, 25th [00:00 UTC] Pompeyo [Spanish] If you are from the NA or LATAM regions, do not miss your chance to grab your Golden Ticket! For more information on the All Stars follow them on their socials:

Twitter Instagram Discord Website

Good luck to everyone and we will see you at the Finals! Clash Royale Esports team

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