BESF Cup - Weekly update (May 8th)

May 8, 2023

Welcome back to the BESF Cup Weekly Recap!

Thank you for joining us as we review another week of great action between some of the best European Clash Royale players!

BESF Cup Solo Track

The journey towards the next stage continues for many players as they battle it out for a spot in Phase 2. Four matches have been played in total, with some familiar names like Surgical Goblin, Faust & Furkan Arabacı leading the table!

If you want to catch up with some of the action from Match-Day 3 of the Solo Track, you can do so below:

BESF Cup Team Track

The Team Track continues as teams battled it out in Match-Day 2 of their respective groups! Check out the results below:

  • Group A

TrailBlazEsports (2-0) Mystic XDiablos

Hog Riders <3 Squid Pit (2-1) Deadly Warfare

Les 5 Pilliers (2-0) The Ricefields 2

French Swat B (2-1) French Swat

  • Group B

Les Chevaliers (2-0) ExAnimo France

Hog Riders II (2-1) Team Random

SK Calalas (2-0) Hog Riders III

Remi Family (2-1) Strangers

  • Group C

ITWDE ITS FINE (2-0) Appel Esports

Baguette Esports (2-1) Inory Esports

French Swat C (2-0) Bangers

Olimpo Squad (2-0) Team SeaM

  • Group D

Pluizers Esports (2-0) Käfer Esports

Gambling's Team (2-0) The Impact Gaming

Tier 1 (2-1) Bears

Hell's Top Legion (2-0) FTF Odin

​Thank you for joining us for another Weekly Recap of the BESF Cup! You can follow us on our social media account, @KvonBESF​, and check out the Solo Track progress here & Team Track Progress here!​

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