Clash Royale League


Jan 27, 2023

A new year, another amazing Clash Royale League!

The Clash Royale League is back for yet another year of high level competition! Are you ready for the best year of Clash Royale League?

With a new format, a total of 1.3 million USD on the line and some epic matches to be played, this year's Clash Royale League is set up to be better than ever!

In 2023 we’ve decided to take the best of the 2021 and 2022 CRL formats, and combine them to make a perfect combination!

Monthly Competitions are back!

A much praised part of CRL in 2021 was the monthly competitions, and we heard you - they are back!

Starting February 6th with the Path of Legends, the top 1000 players will be able to battle it out in a Monthly Qualifier until 8 players remain that move on to the Monthly Finals. A total of seven (7) monthly competitions will be played in-game, via the Tournament hub, throughout the year.

Prize money will be handed out, players will earn Golden Tickets and Competitive points, and some epic games are gonna be played creating legends of Royale!

Golden Tickets and Competitive Points

So how do you make it to the World Finals then? You have two options, Golden Tickets or Competitive Points. Each Monthly Final winner will be awarded a Golden Ticket to World Finals.

Meaning, that after seven monthly competitions, seven winners will have secured a spot to compete for the title of World Champion.

If you keep reaching those later stages of the monthly competitions but not quite securing 1st place, you will be able to collect Competitive Points.

We’ve saved seven additional spots at the World Finals for the most consistent players who weren’t able to grab a Monthly Final win!

World Finals

What would a year be without World Finals? Through our seven months of competition we will have 14 players qualified for the World Finals.

They will be joined by two players from China to make up the best 16 players in the world that will have a chance to prove themselves in the Arena to be crowned World Champion.

Mark your calendars, World Finals are coming your way on the 24 - 26th of November!

Still missing some details? You bet!

To get more information on rules, schedules, how to watch and everything in between - make sure to regularly check the Clash Royale in-game Esports Tab, and follow our Twitter and Instagram for more information coming your way very soon!

See you in the Arena,

The Clash Royale Esports Team

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