Clash Royale League

Clash Royale League is Back!

Feb 15, 2024

CRL is back with another year of the highest level of competitive Clash Royale!

Following last year's format, this year will bring you top-tier gameplay with Monthly Qualifiers, Golden Tickets, an in-person event, and MORE!

We are continuing with Monthly!

With the success the monthly competitions had in 2021 and 2023, there was no way we’d let them out!

Starting in April, the top 1000 players of the Path of Legends will be able to face each other in Monthly Qualifiers until only 8 players remain. The top 8 players will then move to the Monthly Finals, with the winner receiving a Golden Ticket directly to the CRL World Finals!

A total of 5 monthly competitions will be played in-game via the Tournament Hub from April to August. These competitions will award the top players with prize money, hand out Golden Tickets, and distribute CRL competitive points.

Golden Tickets, Competitive Points, and MORE!

We heard your dream is to set foot on the big stage, along with the best of the best, is that right? If so, here’s how:

  • Golden Tickets - By playing in the PoL and placing in the top 1000, you’ll already increase your chances of winning a Golden Ticket, which will be awarded to the Champion of each Monthly Final. A total of 5 Golden Tickets will be awarded this way.
  • Competitive Points - If you don’t reach 1st place, you’ll still earn CRL Competitive Points, which will sum up each month in a leaderboard. The player who places first by the end of August will automatically get the 6th Golden Ticket.
  • More? - There are 2 more ways of securing a place at the World Finals. 1 Golden Ticket will be awarded to the champion of the Chinese Tournament, similar to last year. The final Golden Ticket will be awarded to the top player of yet another leaderboard. Wait, one more leaderboard? Yes! This year, 1 spot will be saved for the Community Tournaments. More news on this will be shared soon!

Check out the full monthly season calendar:


  • Path of Legends: 04/03 – 01/04
  • Monthly Qualifiers: 6th & 7th
  • Monthly Final: 13th


  • Path of Legends: 01/04 – 06/05
  • Monthly Qualifiers: 11th & 12th
  • Monthly Final: 18th


  • Path of Legends: 06/05 – 03/06
  • Monthly Qualifiers: 8th & 9th
  • Monthly Final: 15th


  • Path of Legends: 03/06 – 01/07
  • Monthly Qualifiers: 6th & 7th
  • Monthly Final: 13th


  • Path of Legends: 01/07 – 05/08
  • Monthly Qualifiers: 10th & 11th
  • Monthly Final: 17th

World Finals!

With a total of 8 players locked and ready, the Arena is set for the final showdown, which will take place in an in-person event later this year, crowning the #CRL24 World Champion!

To find out more information on the schedule, rulebook, and everything in between, make sure to regularly check the in-game Esports Tab and follow us on X and Instagram for all the latest Clash Royale Esports news! And in the meantime, maybe you should… warm up?

See you in the Arena,

Clash Royale Esports

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