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Congratulations, Mohamed Light!

Sep 26, 2022

The Clash Royale G.O.A.T is the 2022 CRL World Champion, Mohammed Light achieved his magnum opus after 3 days of intense competition! Starting the year after an amazing 2nd place at the 2021 CRL World Finals where Mugi was officially crowned the Champion - Mohamed Light had his mind set on the Golden Ticket and after a rocky start on the Bernard Chong Cup, he was able to turn the tide and win both the Queso Cup Golden Edition and Masters Challenge!

With his Golden Ticket in hand and his place at the World Finals guaranteed, Mohamed Light was ready to fight for the title - and after being defeated in the first round by KK, he went to the lower bracket where his wins against the likes of Pandora, Sweep, Vitor75, Airsurfer, Mugi and Samuel Bassotto granted him a spot at the Grand Finals against Morten. Two of the considered Clash Royale G.O.A.T's were standing face to face to decide who would take the crown - Morten almost had the game in the first set but Mohamed's Miner Mortar deck took it to a bracket reset and two straight wins in a row would call Mohamed Light the CRL 2022 WF Champion! [Watch the Grand Finals HERE] A BIG THANK YOU to all the players, casters and specially to our community - we will see you next year!

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