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CRL 2022: Masters Challenge by Bernard Chong!

May 13, 2022

A new Golden Ticket is on the line! This is your chance to join Samuel Bassotto and Mohamed Light in the 2022 CRL World Finals, and grab a slice of the $50.000 in prize money!

The Masters Challenge By Bernard Chong will be divided in 4 phases: - Phase 1 (May 16th to 22nd): 48 in-game tournaments of 1000 players will be held. The Top 6 from each tournament will advance to Phase 2, with 288 players qualifying. - Phase 2 (May 26th to 29th): The top 288 players will play up to 4 Swiss brackets, where the Top 6 of each bracket will qualify for the Group Stage. - Phase 3 (June 2nd to 5th): The 24 qualified players will be divided into 4 groups of 6 players. The Top 4 of each group will advance to the Grand Finals. - Phase 4 (June 11th and 12th): The Final Stage will feature the Top 16 players and will be played in a double-elimination bracket. The $50,000 prize money will be distributed with the top 16 players. The winner will earn a Golden Ticket, which grants a direct entry into the 2022 CRL World Finals! For more information on the Masters Challenge By Bernard Chong follow them on their socials: Twitter, Instagram, Discord

How do I participate? Simple. You only need to watch any of the livestream below to receive the tournament code - don't miss your chance to grab the Golden Ticket! Phase 1 live stream tournaments schedule:

- Monday, 16th (20:00 UTC): RevolAimar [Spanish] - Monday, 16th (22:45 UTC): Drekzzen [Spanish] - Tuesday, 17th (20:00 UTC): RevolAimar [Spanish] - Tuesday, 17th (22:00 UTC): Pompeyo4 [Spanish] - Wednesday, 18th (13:00 UTC): Rush CR [Japanese] - Wednesday, 18th (17:00 UTC): iAmJP_CR [Spanish] - Wednesday, 18th (20:00 UTC): Kashmantv [English] - Wednesday,18th (22:00 UTC): SergioRamos [Spanish] - Thursday, 19th (14:00 UTC): SurgicalGoblin [English] - Thursday, 19th (18:00 UTC): BigSpin [German] - Thursday, 19th (20:00 UTC): DC_System [Italian] - Thursday, 19th (22:00 UTC): Kodigogg [Spanish] - Friday, 20th (13:00 UTC): EuiChan (의찬TV) [Korean] - Friday, 20th (20:00 UTC): Ouahleouff [French] - Friday, 20th (22:00 UTC): AdrianPiedra [Spanish] - Saturday, 21st (2:00 UTC): YoSoyRick [Spanish] - Saturday, 21st (13:00 UTC): Raikijones (ライキジョーンズ クラロワ) [Japanese] - Saturday, 21st (17:00 UTC): Bale [Spanish] - Saturday, 21st (19:00 UTC): RevolAimar [Spanish] - Saturday, 21st (21:00 UTC): RockstarCR [Spanish] - Sunday, 22nd (16:00 UTC): RevolAimar [Spanish] - Sunday, 22nd (18:00 UTC): JuicyJ [English] - Sunday, 22nd (20:00 UTC): Ultime Amino [French] - Monday, 23rd (1:00 UTC): ArtubeClash [Portuguese] Good luck to everyone and we will see you at the Finals! Clash Royale Esports team

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