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CRL Qualifiers: Top 16 Remaining On The Path To The World Finals!

Aug 27, 2022

Lights, Camera, DUEL! We have reached the final top 16 of the CRL qualifiers. @surgicalgoblin, @airsurfercr, @mortenroyale, @kk19212_cr are just some of the pro players that will be battling for one of 8 golden tickets available. Players will play a maximum of 5 rounds during the Stage 5 Swiss competition. Once all 5 rounds have been completed, the 8 Players with 3 wins will earn a Golden Ticket and advance to World Finals! The 8 eliminated players will face off in a single elimination bracket for the Last Chance Qualifier, taking place the next day for the two remaining Golden Tickets! BUT WHERE AND WHEN CAN I WATCH? Watch the Stage 5 HERE on September 9th, starting at 12:00 PM UTC. The Last Chance Qualifier will be played on the next day, September 10th also at 12:00 PM UTC. For more information on the CRL22 Season and upcoming World Finals, follow our competitive accounts on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram!

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