Dedsafio Legends!

Nov 16, 2022

The year is not over and we still have another exciting competition coming… Dedsafio Legends from ElDed and with the best clash royale players in the world participating!

Ready to play with the pros and show what you are worth? Desafio Legends will be an open competition, and EVERYONE can participate in the qualifiers that will take place starting the 19th of November.

The competition will consist of 8 teams, and the 8 captains of these teams will be the best players of the Clash Royale League 2022.

Teams will be composed of 4 players:

- Player 1: Team Captain (Top 8 best players in the World) - Player 2: Qualified Player (Open Qualifiers - Phase 1) - Player 3: Invited Player (Chosen by the community) - Player 4: Invited by a Captain (Player chosen by the captain) Player 2 and Player 3 will be selected by each team through a draft system where the 8 captains will select their players in order (CRL 2022 ranking). Who are the Captains?

The Top 8 from the Clash Royale League 2022 Finals were selected to headline this event, introducing:

- Mohamed Light - Pompeyo (Due to Morten not being able to participate) - Samuel Bassotto - Mugi - Sandbox - Airsurfer - Chief Keef - Vitor75

Dedsafio Legends will be divided into 3 phases:Open Qualifiers (November 19th to 21st): There will be four in-game tournaments of 1,000 people, where the Top 16 of each tournament will play in a single elimination bracket. The Top 2 of the single elimination bracket will be eligible to play in Phase 2.

Group Phase (November 24th to December 2nd): The 8 teams will be divided into Group A and B where the top 3 teams will advance to the Playoffs. Top 1 of each group will start Playoffs in the Semi-Finals.

Playoffs (December 3rd & 4th): The 6 best teams of the competition will face each other in a single bracket to become the First Dedsafio Legends Champions.

And that's not all… There will be a $30,000 prizepool to be shared among the best 6 teams of the tournament!

You can read the full rulebook of the competition HERE Follow @Dedsafio and @EsportsRoyaleEN for all the news and updates on the Dedsafio Legends! Clash Royale Esports team

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