Dreamhack Dedsafio Royale!

Dec 6, 2022

Dedsafio Royale at DreamHack Valencia! Dedsafio Royale will be held in one of the biggest live events of the year: DreamHack Valencia (9th, 10th and 11th December in Valencia, Spain). It will be the last offline competition of the year for Clash Royale. You can’t miss it! A total of 12 players will take part in the Dedsafio Royale, including some of the best players in the world. The competition will feature: - 9 invited players: Surgical Goblin, LucasXgamer, Morten, Ruben, iAmJP, Vitor75, Javi14, Bale​ and one more player soon to be revealed. - 2 players from the offline qualifiers at DreamHack Valencia - 1 player from the online qualifier

Dedsafio Royale will be divided in 3 phases:

Online Qualifier (December 7th): A single bracket will be played from the AppGrade mobile app, where the winner will join the Finals at DreamHack.

(Only available for players from Spain and Portugal)

Offline Qualifier (December 9th): Open qualifier for all players who are attending DreamHack Valencia. The 2 best players will be in the Finals.

Grand Finals (December 10th): A single bracket will be played in the main arena of DreamHack Valencia to crown the champion.

A total of 15.000€ in prize pool will be distributed as follows:

- Top 1: 6.000€ - Top 2: 3.000€ - Top 3-4: 1.000€ - Top 5-8: 650€ - Top 9-12: 350€

Ready to clash with the best players in the Clash Royale esports scene? Follow @EsportsRoyaleEN and @dedsafio for all the news and updates on the tournament!

Good luck in the Arena Clash Royale Esports team

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