Queso Cup Teams Edition is coming to Clash Royale!

Nov 9, 2022

After an incredible year of individual competition that ended with the best players in the Clash Royale scene battling at the CRL 22 World Finals in September... It’s time to change the pace and give the community something we’ve all been waiting for - Team Competitions are back and Queso Cup has an exciting format where YOU can also participate!

The Queso Cup Teams Edition will have a total of 8 teams: 5 invited esports organizations, 2 open qualifiers for everyone, and one team selected by the community through their social media - check the rulebook HERE.

The Queso Cup Teams Edition is composed of 3 phases:

Open Qualifiers (October 15th and 16th): There will be 2 tournaments where the champion of each tournament will qualify for the Regular Phase. - Qualifier 1: Saturday, October 15th - Qualifier 2: Sunday, October 16th

Regular Phase (October 22nd to November 13th): The top 8 teams will compete against each other in a round robin made up of 7 match days. Where the top 6 teams will advance to the Playoffs. ● Playoffs (November 12th and 13th): These 6 teams will compete in a single bracket to be crowned as the first Queso Cup Teams Edition champions.

These 8 teams will battle for a total of $30,000 in prizepool, are you ready to be a part of this exciting competition?

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