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Royale MSTRS: King of the Hill Edition!

Mar 22, 2023

Introducing - RoyaleMSTRS: King of the Hill Players will compete in an in-game tournament, where the top 8 qualified players will then be invited to the ‘Main Event’ the following day. Those eight players will be randomly sorted, and then the first two players will play a single game against each other with no card restrictions. The winner will stay on, the loser will go to the back of the line, and the next player will challenge the previous winner.

With 24 games, each player is guaranteed at least three chances to become ‘King’ and remain on top. In addition to remaining King and continuing to play, each win will award players $100! There will be a total of 9 events over 9 months - with 9 KoTH events and one final day for the King of Kings Main Event. Don’t miss any of the action as the RoyaleMSTRS: King of the Hill starts soon! The Qualifier takes place on Tuesday, March 28th, with the Main Event on Wednesday, March 29th, both starting at 16:00 UTC. How to compete? Players can register HERE and find more information on the RoyaleMSTRS discord HERE and make sure to follow both Royale MSTRS and Esports Royale socials for all news & updates! See you in the Arena, Clash Royale Esports team

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