Royale MSTRS: Summer Clash is here!

Jun 14, 2023

RoyaleMSTRS: Summer Clash kicks off on Friday, June 23rd! This BRAND NEW event is a 2-weekend event with 4 Open Qualifiers, each featuring a unique Party Game Mode! The 4 Qualifiers will lead into the Combination Championship, featuring all 4 Party Game Modes! The 4 Party Game Modes being featured in this event are:

  • 3x Elixir
  • Triple Draft
  • Sudden Death
  • Heist Here is a look at the schedule for Summer Clash!
  • 3x Elixir Qualifier: 2:45pm UTC, June 23rd
  • Triple Draft Qualifier: 2:45pm UTC, June 24th
  • Sudden Death Qualifier: 2:45pm UTC, June 30th
  • Heist Qualifier: 2:45pm UTC, July 1st
  • Combination Championship: 4pm UTC, July 2nd

Below is an in-depth breakdown of the format! Each Open Qualifier will happen in one day. There will be 4 Open Qualifiers, and they will go as follows:

  • All 4 Qualifiers will follow the exact same format, with the exception that each Qualifier features a single, unique Party Game Mode being played. Players may compete in as many Qualifiers as they want until they qualify for the Combination Championship
  • Open Registration, in-game tournament. The in-game tournament will use the Party Game Mode being featured that Qualifier.
  • The Top 8 players from the in-game tournament advance to the single elimination bracket stage, where the Top 2 players will qualify for the Combination Championship.
  • The official broadcast will begin at the bracket stage for each Qualifier at 4pm UTC

Combination Championship:

  • Once the 4 qualifier tournaments have taken place, the Top 2 players from each tournament will qualify for the Combination Championship, a single elimination bracket.

All matches will be Best of 3 across various party game modes featured in the qualifier tournaments, except Grand Finals which will be a Best of 5. How to register? Players can register HERE and find more information on the RoyaleMSTRS discord & Twitter. Can I watch it? The Main Event will be broadcast on the RoyaleMSTRS Twitch & Youtube Channels Can I cast? If you are a creator and are interested in co-streaming this event, please apply HERE Stay connected with @EsportsRoyaleen & @RoyaleMSTRS on social media to remain updated with all the latest news and ensure you don't miss any important updates! See you in the Arena, Clash Royale Esports team

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