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RoyaleMSTRS is back and with a Golden Ticket on the line!

Jun 25, 2022

RoyaleMSTRS is a community oriented Clash Royale event, with a focus on delivering high level competition, while also allowing anyone with a competitive drive to have a chance to compete for the top spot at any time! For RoyaleMSTRS: Gold Edition, Players will compete over 5 weeks, for a prize pool of $50,000 with the winner receiving a Golden Ticket for the Clash Royale World Championship!

Format Overview

5 Weeks Total, 2 days of competition per week. All Matches Best of 3.

3 Qualifying Tournaments - Open registration Swiss Format on Day 1. The top 16 players advance to Day 2. Day 2 is a Single Elimination format bracket. The top 8 players in each tournament will earn Qualification Points. Once all three tournaments are concluded, the top 4 players in Total Accumulated Qualification Points will be invited to the Playoffs.

1 Last Chance Qualifier - After the 3 Qualifying Tournaments, one more open tournament is held with the same format. The 4 players already invited to the Playoffs will not compete. The top 4 players of the Last Chance Qualifier will earn an invitation to the playoffs, regardless of Qualifying Points earned.

Playoffs - 8 players, Double Elimination tournament spread over 2 days.


Open Qualifier 1 - July 2nd-3rd

Open Qualifier 2 - July 9th-10th

Open Qualifier 3 - July 16th-17th

Last Chance Qualifier - July 23rd-24th

Playoffs - July 30th-31st

How to Participate

To register each week, visit the RoyaleMSTRS Discord server ( or head over to our RoyaleMSTRS website ( to find the registration link(s) for upcoming events!

How to watch

Tune in each day at 6:00pm UTC on our Twitch ( or Youtube ( channels to catch the action!

To keep up to date on all the latest RoyaleMSTRS news and updates, follow us on Twitter (@RoyaleMSTRS), join our Discord (, and keep an eye on our website (!

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