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The Clash Royale League June Monthly Finals is this Saturday!

Jun 13, 2024

Two Golden Tickets of #CRL24 have already been awarded - Mohamed Light started the year off by claiming the first Golden Ticket in April, followed by Taa securing the second in May! We’ve got six more to award, with the third one being awarded this weekend with the June Monthly Finals!

Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming June Monthly Finals…

The Road to the Golden Ticket

It all started with the June Path of Legends Race - millions of players battled it out for just under one month, climbing the Ladder leaderboard until we found the top 1000. Then came the June Monthly Qualifier - a two-day tournament consisting of a Swiss Stage and a Group Stage, where those top 1000 players competed until only 8 players remained. And now, these 8 players are advancing to the June Monthly Finals, a one-day, double-elimination bracket tournament where everything is on the line. They will fight for the largest-share of the $50,000 prize pool and a shot at a #CRL24 Golden Ticket!

The June Monthly Finals will take place on June 15, starting at 14:00 UTC - mark your calendars and set a reminder, you’re not going to want to miss this!

Let’s take a look at this month’s competitors…

Take a look at the 8 players who will be competing in the June Monthly Finals and show your support to who you want to see crowned champion!

Mohamed Light, CAL Pedro, Adriel & Taa are returning from previous Monthly Finals, while CAL Lucas, Ryley, EGW & CAL Sub are joining a #CRL24 Monthly Finals for the first time!

Where to Watch

The best place to watch the official broadcast of the June Monthly Finals is the Clash Royale Event Site! On the Event Site, you can choose between 8 different languages to watch - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Korean! But that’s not all! By linking your Supercell ID, you can earn in-game rewards by making predictions and watching the match action live! Choose your language and check out the Event Site below…

And that’s it!! Set a reminder, grab your popcorn, and lock in for the third #CRL24 Monthly Finals! Check out the 2024 Clash Royale League ruleset for more information. Stay tuned and make sure to follow Clash Royale Esports on X and Instagram to get all the latest updates!

See you in the Arena,

Clash Royale Esports

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