The GKR Leagues are back!

Feb 27, 2023

​GKR is back with five new team-based competitions for 2023 with a total prize pool of $46,000!

There are four competitions to participate: Spring Split, Summer Split, Autumn Split and Winter Split. From there, you’ll have the chance to qualify for the main event: the GKR Finals 2023.

For each Split, four (4) qualifiers will be held to determine the eight (8) official participant teams.

The winner of each Split will automatically qualify for the GKR Finals 2023, having a total of four (4) teams that will meet on December 28th to determine the GKR 2023 World Champion.

​Here’s the official calendar for 2023 (may be subject to minor changes):


  • Qualifiers: Week of March 6th and Week of March 13th
  • Competition: Week of March 27th to Week of May 8th
  • Playoffs: Week of May 15th


  • Qualifiers: Week of June 5th and Week of June 12th
  • Competition: Week of June 26th to Week of August 7th
  • Playoffs: Week of August 14th


  • Qualifiers: Week of September 4th and Week of September 11th
  • Competition: Week of September 25th to Week of November 6th
  • Playoffs: Week of November 13th


  • Qualifiers: Week of November 13th
  • Competition: Week of November 27th to Week of December 18th
  • Playoffs: Week of December 18th


  • December 28th

The prize distribution will be as follows:

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter splits: $7,000 each

GKR Finals: $18,000

​You will be able to watch the competition in the following languages:

  • In English: Caster to be determined
  • In Spanish with RevolAimar
  • In French with Ultime Amino
  • In Japanese with Rush
  • ​Other languages will be confirmed soon!

At GKR, strategy will be everything with the new ban system.

  • Set 1: 3v3 Best-of-1
  • Set 2: 1v1 Duels
  • Set 3: 3v3 KOTH

Each team will ban a total of two troops, one spell and one building, having a total of eight (8) banned cards per match.

We invite all teams and players to participate in our qualifiers for a spot in the competition!

How to sign-up your team for the qualifiers:

  • Join the GKR Discord server
  • Go to the "#form" channel and register your team in the attached link.
  • Go to the "#qualifiers" channel and select the qualifier you want to register.
  • Check-in opens 1 hour before the tournament starts!

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See you in the arena,

Clash Royale Esports team

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